No. 8

Peace, love and kandi. No. 8 merges styling concepts of hippie, grunge and 90's rave culture giving you a culmination of iconic festival looks.


club /kləb/ noun; 1. an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.

At STORE. we want to inspire people to interpret style in their own way.  We believe in dressing for the joy of it. Our goal is to create a space where individuality is celebrated.  We call this STORE. club. All are welcome.



“I use fashion as a language to interpret my identity in a very immediate and impactful way. Fashion can be used as a shorthand to understand someone's gender, politics, class and even musical tastes. I don't judge whether that is good or bad but I do like to play around with the idea in how I dress.”



"They're superheros clashing the world of editorial fashion with sustainability [...] I believe in their talent, I believe in their vision and I believe in STORE."



“I always call my outfit my armor for the day and it’s easy to see how I think of myself and what I believe in and express how i’m feeling about the day.”



“I always base my look on my mood. Fashion is truly my form of expression. […] I aim to wear things that are totally unique to me and my style. I don’t want everyone in the world to be able to go out and get my outfit."



"To the dismay of my girlfriend, my favorite piece of clothing has to be what I call my “concert shorts.” It’s a pair of navy khaki shorts, which I guess look more grey than blue nowadays. I’ve worn these shorts to pretty much every festival or outdoor concert I’ve been to over the last several years. I’ve had so many good times and have so many great memories while wearing these shorts it makes them the one of the most sentimental items I own."



"I have a vintage poncho that I love. One time a I wore the poncho  out to dinner, this was years ago, and the maitre d asked if he could take my blanket. We still laugh about that story. I must’ve been ahead of my time.”



“[STORE. is] a movement that rejects the idea that certain kinds of fashion are only for certain kinds of people.  STORE. is for everybody. […] Plus it's fun to shop there. You walk in and you're greeted with "Hi! What's your name? Have a beer.  Love your outfit. Have you seen this piece? Try it on." I mean they did an editorial shoot with their customers. It doesn't get more fun and accessible than that.”



"Like they always have stuff that catches my eye. Never have I ever went to a STORE. pop up without ending up in the fitting room. [...] As a busy guy who hasn’t had time and energy lately to utilize fashion as an extension of my own self expression I find great relief in what these ladies are doing."



"I began shopping resale with my mom when I was a little girl so it's always been an ingrained part of my life. [...] There's something magical about not being able to go out and buy the same item with those colors, patterns, or fabrics. You're literally wearing someone's history."



"I feel like I've become a collector and not just a consumer following the latest trend. Collecting a vintage piece of clothing is like collecting a piece of art. It has a unique story."



“[...] it's a refreshing break from the norm of the restrictions the fashion industry tends to put on consumers.  Instead of feeling like one specific trend is being pushed on me, I feel like I have the freedom at STORE. to choose what I want to wear!”



"I’ve found fashion to be life changing in understanding my value of gender expression. I can and will wear whatever I want to whatever extent of wild I want in order to feel more comfortable, more inspired and more passionate about the designers and stores I love."


“I love vintage for the craftsmanship involved, the uniqueness and keeping history alive. Things just aren't made like they use to be and we are such a destructive society I like the idea of preserving things from the past. I also like the importance of vintage/resale from an environmental perspective.”



“I didn’t believe I could ‘pull off the look’ of a bright coral pant with a bright yellow tie belt, especially at my age (gulp 57)! I love dressing them up or down, truly a versatile piece."